About Benassie

Benassie is a performance and lifestyle-oriented activewear brand founded by three brothers; Thomas, Benjamin and Sebastian. Our roots lie in developing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest technical garments, from innerwear to activewear. Our philosophy is to combine cutting-edge technology, science and radical free-thinking to create products that perform, feel and look better than any other brand.

We draw on experience, technology and know-how developed over almost 100 years and have always believed that how we make things says a lot about who we are. Sustainable and ethical manufacturing is a fundamental part of our value system. We, like our customers, believe in these causes and are motivated by them. From the way we design our products, to the way we run our manufacturing facility, planet-friendly and ethical decision-making is part of everything we do.  

Our promise is that your garment will perform, it will be category-leading quality, it will be desirable, it will be made ethically and sustainably. We make garments for our customers, with their needs and desires in mind. We leverage our technology, innovation and science to address those needs and fuse performance and lifestyle to create garments that deliver on every level.

Throughout, our guiding principles are Innovation, Performance and Sustainability (we do believe all good things come in threes!).